Stanley is one of the main characters of SPJ, along with the main character Macaroni, and the other 3 main characters, Kyli, Carter and Kenny. He is known for being, “the smart one” and being Jenny’s boyfriend.

For the evil side of Stanley, see Poley.


Stanley appears in The Beginning Of The Start in the first episode, then in Princess Spam, (Mostly after Ōjo turned him into Ōji) then he appeared in Boast Busters, You Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar, (In this Episode, he fell in love with Jenny, and got mad at Drent when he tried to take her away.) The Snake Problem, Copykenny, To The Bitter Friends, The Way Love Works, (only for a scene where he is holding Jenny’s hand.) The Vest Of Me, A Stinkle In Time, The Good, The Bad, And The Ghostly, Spice Guys Finish First, Hopes And Teams, (Pretending to be on Crain’s side with Kyli) Now I’m A Poley-Ver, (When he turned into Poley.) Wakey Wakey, Creep And Shakey, (being mocked by Phony,) and Cranks For The Memories.

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