Macaroni is the main character of SPJ, along with the 4 other main characters, Stanley, Kyli, Carter, and Kenny. She is the older sister of Buttercup, and the newest member of the pals in 2017.


Macaroni‘s first appearance is in the first episode, The Beginning Of The Start. Then she reappeared in the second episode, Princess Spam. She reappeared in the next episodes, Boast Busters, You Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar, (despite the fact that she was a secondary in this episode trying to help Stanley.) The Snake Problem, (Before a ancient white snake bites her and she becomes a snake rabbid until Kenny frees everyone) Copykenny, To The Bitter Friends, The Vest Of Me, A Stinkle In Time, The Good, The Bad, And The Ghostly, Spice Guys Finish First, Hopes And Teams, (most of the episode she’s spying on Crain’s and Twark’s Teams and looking after her friends) Now I’m A Poley-Ver, Wakey Wakey, Creep And Shakey, (being tortured by Molin) and Cranks For The Memories. (Exept For This once part where she loses her memory.)

Songs she was in:

You Need To Calm Down


episode 1:

”Hey boys, maybe Kenny’s right. Maybe Carter has been brainwashed or something and Buttercup has something to do with it.”

episode 2:

”Your welcome, Kenny. I’m just glad that your sister hasn’t brainwashed us yet.”

episode 3:

“And who exactly is Drent?”

episode 4:

“Don’t worry Stanley, we’ll help you get Jenny back!”

episode 5:

“Boys, look out! Don’t get bit or you’ll turn into a monster!”

episode 6:

“Kenny, are you okay? You’re not being as kind as you normally are...”

episode 7:

“Wait, so...Krenny used to be good but now he’s evil.”

episode 8:

(Macaroni wasn’t in this episode)

episode 9:

Opal! What the bwah are you doing?!”

episode 10:

”that sounds so crazy it might just work!”

episode 11:

”thanks for coming back to save us, Kenny”

episode 12:

“First we saved Jenny from Drent, now we’ll save Stanley from himself!”

episode 13:

“Wait, so the 2 leaders are gay?”

episode 14:

”Carter’s right, Stanley! This is not the real you!”

episode 15:

”wait, Molin, you sound VERY GOSH DARN familiar...”

episode 16:

”Wait, Kenny, I thought you thought you are Crystali’s servant!”

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