Drent is one of the bullies in the SPJ franchise and the bully of the 5 main characters, Macaroni, Stanley, Kyli, Carter, and Kenny. When they were in 3rd grade, (excluding Macaroni,) Kyli suggested Drent made a fire, since he knew how to. He was arrested sometime after making the fire, because Carter lied to the police and said it was Drent’s idea. He was only 8 when this happened. However, 5 years later when he turned 16, he escaped. He made friends with Kenny’s old friends, Sokkie One and Other Sokkie, The Sokkie Twins. He later attempted to hurt the main 5 again like he did years ago, but they beat him in the episode, Boast Busters. In the next episode, You Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar, he attempted to steal Stanley’s first girlfriend, Jenny. However, Stanley ended up winning Jenny back. 4 Episodes later in The Way Love Works, he becomes the boyfriend of a mean rabbid named Snarly and he has to defend her from the ghosts from episode 11, The Good, The Bad, And The Ghostly.

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