Carter is one of the main characters of SPJ, along with Macaroni, Stanley, Kyli and Kenny. He is known for being a bit rude, but also beliving in his friends and being loyal. He is one of the first members of the pals, being known for being friends with Kyli since they were babies.

For the evil version of Carter, see Hypnoter.


Carter’s first appearance was in the first episode, The Beginning Of The Start. (Despite the fact he spent most of the episode being Hypnoter.) Then he continued being in episodes in Princess Spam, (except for when he was hypnotized.) Boast Busters, You Catch More Flies With Honey Than Vinegar, (when he was comforting Stanley.) The Snake Problem, (Before turning into a rabbid-Snake) Copykenny, To The Bitter Friends, The Way Love Works, (when he’s talking to Drent.) The Vest Of Me, A Stinkle In Time, The Good, The Bad, And The Ghostly, (Before and after being kindnapped.) Spice Guys Finish First, Hopes And Teams, (pretending to be on Twark‘s side with Kenny.) Now I’m A Poley-Ver, Wakey Wakey, Creep And Shakey, (being mocked by Hategold.) and Cranks For The Memories. (Before and after having his memory erased.)


episode 1:

”wha...what’s this?”

episode 2:


episode 3:


episode 4:

”that spoiled brat will regret taking Jenny away from you!”

episode 5:

”what the-SO MANY SNAKES!”

episode 6:

“Gosh, Kenny, you’re being ruder than I am...I HATE IT.”

episode 7:

”wow, i’m A bigger brat here than I am there!”

episode 8:

”brat, just be mean to everyone around you and she will notice you. Now, if you excuse me, I gotta go find Macaroni.”

episode 9:


episode 10:

”Hey, I got an idea! What if I Hypnotized myself to become Hypnoter, only this time, I save Ōjo, saving everyone else?”

episode 11:

“Yeah you’re a real pal.”

episode 12:

”i’ll Save you even though you’re half monster!”

episode 13:

”wait, so Twark, you’re gay for Crain?”

episode 14:

”Stanley! This is not the real you!”

episode 15:

”how much hate are you going to put on me?”

episode 16:

”wait...most yogurt doesn’t burn...”

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